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TAV West Program Information

TAV West will be a direct extension of TAV that will offer elite coaching and play for players in the West Fort Worth, Aledo, Weatherford area. By offering TAV in a location on this side of the metroplex, we hope this will allow young players to get the quality TAV club management and coaching without the logistical issues of traveling to TAV’s facility.

The goal of TAV West in its third season is to offer a competitive play and quality coaching to young players. TAV West plans to carry 10-12 teams 11’s -17’s this season. While offering quality coaching and competitive play we also feel that we can keep cost the cost down by playing in more local events, thus eliminating the high travel expenses.

TAV West Coaching Staff

TAV West 14-1 Jori Minett & Michella Matthews
TAV 16-1 James Turk & Rae Pan
TAV West director James Turk

If you have questions or concerns please contact:

TAV Director
LJ Sariego

bullet All activities at the Aledo Freshman Center bullet

What to expect
  • Top team in each age group will play an Elite Schedule and 2nd and 3rd teams will play Local schedule, with 1 travel tournament
  • 10-12 players per team
  • Pre-Registration On-Line required prior to On-Site Registration
  • Coaches will put together teams by positions and skill level
  • Coaches assigned by TAV
  • Practices at Aledo High School/Aledo Freshman Center– Two– 2 hour practices a week
  • Season will begin the first week of January and finish at either Open or Club Regional's at the beginning of May for most teams. Top teams will have option of Nationals.
  • Will play in 2-3 USA qualifying events in an attempt to qualify for USA Junior Nationals (additional cost)
  • Each player must play in the Proper Age Division according to age Division Definitions of USA Volleyball – (according to birthday). Players may play up in an older division, but may not play in a younger division.
  • Approximate Cost: TBD
Fees will include:
  • Administration Costs
  • Coaches Salary
  • Coaches Expenses
  • Court Rental
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Uniform/Practice shirts/spandex/kneepads/sweats
Make a Note...

bullet TAV West program is great for players who want to work with quality coaches from TAV, but can't travel to ASC.

bullet All activities at the Aledo Freshman Center

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