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2016-17 Info

Current needs to fill teams -
posted 11/25/16

15s libero
16s hitters and libero
17s middle blocker

Email LJ Sariego if interested

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  • Players will need to attend at least one tryout to be considered. Attending all tryouts assures that the committee coaches have evaluated the player thoroughly. If you must miss a tryout, please notify LJ Sariego.
  • If you are still in playoffs at tryout time...
    • High School: There are restrictions on club tryouts when a players high school team is in the playoffs. We would like for you to still come to the tryout and fill out the necessary paperwork. We also would like the athletes to sit and watch during the tryouts. We also ask that you notify us in advance, so we can try to come watch one of your matches.  If you have a video, you may bring that and we will get that to the coaches the night of the tryout.
    • Junior High: Players are allowed to tryout if they have a junior high tournament. If the district tournament is on your tryout date, please let LJ Sariego know and come to either of the tryouts on that Saturday. As a last resort the player can tryout at another age division tryout.

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