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TAV is so proud of our athletes!

  • We not only excel during our club seasons, we carry that to our high school teams and our college teams.
  • We want everyone to know about our success. Click the links above to see how we are doing as each of the seasons progress!
2016 Club News

Our motto all year has been to “Expect More”.  We believe that all of our teams have embraced that concept and made those two words come true.  From beginning of practices through local and national competitions our teams have exceeded our expectations and culminated in the best year and the best Nationals Efforts in our history.

We are incredibly proud of the outstanding efforts of all of our teams at Nationals.  Six medals (a TAV record) and 10 top ten finishes with all top teams top 10 for the 2nd year in a row!

2016 Finishes


USAV Nationals Results!

- 13 Black, Gold Medal
- 16 Black, Bronze Medal
- 17 Black, Gold Medal
- 17 Blue, Silver Medal

AAU Championships
-18 Black, Bronze Medal at


Congrats to all the TAV athletes who will be participating in
USAV Nationals

18 Black - Lone Star Qualifier
18 Blue –  Boston Qualifier
18 Elite - Regional Allstars                    
17 Black - NE Qualifier
17 Blue - NE Qualifier
16 Black - NE Qualifier
16 Blue - Northern Lights Qualifier
15 Black - NE Qualifier
15 Blue - Pacific NW Qualifier
14 Black - NE Qualifier
14 Blue - NT Regionals
13 Black - Lone Star Qualifier
13-Blue - NT Regionals
12 Black - Lone Star Qualifier




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