Texas Advantage Volleyball
2016-17 Season TAV Coaching Staff


This is the current announced coaching staff, please check back for updates.

  18 Black John Sample
  18 Blue Gretchen Midkiff  
  18 Elite TBA  

  17 Black Ping Cao  
  17 Blue Whitney Sample
  17 Molten TBA

  16 Black Jason Nicholson  
  16 Blue Claire Gay  
  16 Molten Gregg Hoss
  16 Advantage TBA

  15 Black LJ Sariego  
  15 Blue Larry Smith  
  15 Molten Roger Craft  
  15 Advantage TBA  

  14 Black Joe Jablonski  
  14 Blue Arthur Stanfield  
  14 Molten Renee Hoss  
  14 Advantage Debbie Hanlan  

  13 Black Corinne Atchison  
  13 Blue Kristi Hopkins  
  13 Molten Trava Smith  
  13 Advantage TBA  

  12 Black James Turk  
  12 Blue Scot Harmon  
  12 Molten TBA  

  11 Black

Jessica Sample


* Every year TAV's number of teams fluctuates depending on demand. Teams marked will be filled as needed, there is no guarantee the same number of teams will be filled each year. There may be more or fewer.
**TAV reserves the right to adjust coaching assignments due to UIL requirements. UIL rules restrict school team sport coaches in grades 7-12 from providing instruction/coaching a non-school team on which any 7-12 grade students from his/her attendance zone are involved.


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