Texas Advantage Volleyball
TAV Frequently Asked Questions
  • Question? Who are the coaches that coach the various teams for TAV?
    Answer! Both current and ex-college, high school, junior high and former players coach. We are always looking for good coaches with a commitment to kids.
  • Question? Our kids play multiple sports, how can they play club volleyball?
    Answer! We have levels that are divided by ability, time, price and commitment.
  • Question? What kind of practice commitments does TAV have?
    Answer! Our elite teams practice twice per week, our limited travel practice twice a week and our local metro teams practice once a week.
  • Question? What is the cost of playing club?
    Answer! The costs vary from $4,800 per season for our top elite teams to $600 per season for Mid-Cities teams.
  • Question? How many players have a chance at a scholarship?
    Answer! This year already we have 18 players who have been offered and accepted scholarships to play volleyball. While playing is no guarantee, all players who continued playing and made a team at TAV were offered opportunities to play in college.
  • Question? Are the teams already set for the season?
    Answer! No, tryouts are held so coaches can see progress and abilities and committees assist the coaches in their final selections for teams at the tryouts.
  • Additional Information about the next season
    • TAV offers technique and skill training based upon an evaluation of current trends and proven methods used by national, college and club teams. The evaluation is made by a team of coaches to establish a system to be used throughout the club in every age group.
    • TAV holds coaching clinics for coaches in preparation for the upcoming season. The eight hours of clinic will cover drills, offense, defense, team training, positional drills and training, plus coaching issues. The third clinic will be held in December to discuss practice sessions and technique.
    • TAV also offers referee’s and scorekeeper’s clinics prior to the season. Every team will be required to have 2-4 people to attend scorekeeper’s clinic. Coaches will be required to attend R2 clinic.
    • Typically if a player is playing on an elite team we will have some statistical information on that player available for high school or junior high coaches if they need it.
    • If you have a team you would like see play together that would help your program, we have information on both local and metro teams that allow for local tournaments and provide coaching, scheduling and practice assistance.
    • TAV is the top ranked club in Texas again this year and has been the top ranked club in North Texas since the rankings have been posted. 13 teams qualified for Nationals with finishes from 1st to 19th for our top teams.
    • We will have teams from 11 yr old ’s through 18 yr old ’s.
    • Practices will be held at ASC beginning January Monday through Friday from either 5:30 – 7:30 or 7:30 – 10pm and on Fridays from 5 – 7.
Please bring the following to tryouts…water bottle, medical form, tryout fee, tryout card, birth certificate, volleyball shoes, knee pads, comfortable tee shirts and spandex.



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