Texas Advantage Volleyball
TAV Handbook

Texas Advantage Volleyball Policies

The following information is to enhance communications between coaches, athletes, and parents. Included are brief explanations of training policies, attendance policies, practice policies, and game policies.


  • Athlete must adhere to the USAV policies regarding drug and alcohol abuse
  • Athlete must try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night and be in bed in time for 8 hours of sleep prior to a match
  • Athlete must try to eat balanced meals and drink lots of water, milk and juices; refrain from soft drinks
  • Athlete must report any and all injuries to the coach


  • All team practices are mandatory - any absence warrants a call from player to coach prior to practice (min. 12 hours), except for emergencies.
  • Must commit financially and physically to entire year playing schedule


  • Athlete is expected to work hardest in every task asked and give their very best effort
  • Athlete must be coachable, and willing to change technical skills
  • Athlete is to display a positive attitude toward practice, teammates, and coaches
  • Athlete is to wear no jewelry (including earrings) in practice
  • Athlete is to wear clean, court shoes
  • Athlete's hair is to be pulled back out of face
  • Athlete must be on time - minimum 15 minutes prior to scheduled court time
  • Athletes must help to maintain the cleanliness of the facility
  • Athlete must wear TAV issued apparel at all times
  • CONSEQUENCES - Any negative attitude or behavior by players or parents will warrant immediate removal from the gym, and could result in reduced playing time for players.


  • Athlete is to display TAV and personal pride at all times
  • Athlete is to be courteous to officials, opponents, and coaches
  • Athlete will not wear JEWELRY during matches
  • Athletes will wear uniforms / warm-ups at all times during tournaments
  • Athletes will be encouraged to support other TAV teams whenever possible
  • Athletes must wear TAV issued apparel when representing TAV
  • Athletes are subject to a bag search at any time


  • Flights: TAV will reserve a block of seats for players and coaches only. Flights will be posted on our website (www.ascvb.com) as soon as finalized. Airfare is NOT included in Player Fees. We will charge each player the real cost of airfare, rather than a "guesstimate," as most clubs do.
  • Team Vans: TAV will use team vans ONLY when we FLY to a tournament. For all other tournaments, players will travel with their families, or other players' families. THEY MAY NOT DRIVE THEMSELVES!!
  • Hotel: 12's, 13's *14's travel to all tournaments with parents and stay in parent rooms. TAV will have a block of hotel rooms that the parents may utilize. Donna wil pass out Hotel Resevervation sheets to each parent in December. (*14's will stay in Team Rooms at any tournaments they fly to: such as Baltimore, Tampa, etc. The obvious reason for this is that not all parents will be able to go to these tournaments, especially since we normally leave on Thursday.)


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