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Originally Metroplex Juniors, Texas Advantage Volleyball was established in 1987 to give female athletes the opportunity to excel in volleyball. Sixteen years later, we are still committed to the same goals and values that have propelled our teams to consistent success on the local and national level.

We believe that our training system is one of the best in developing players for future potential, and for developing them as a person. Each year, we strive to improve on our system and the positive influence we can have on all of our players. While we are classified as an elite club, we have outstanding players participating not just in our Elite Program, but in our Limited Travel Program, our Metroplex Program and our Mid-Cities Program.

The TAV System is designed to be consistent across each of our programs whether a team practices one, two or three times per week. We believe that teaching consistent hitting, blocking, serving and passing techniques, as well as defensive and offensive systems will not only improve our club, but have each of our players more ready for college play. Our staff consists of college, high school and long-time club coaches, each armed with the TAV System and ready to develop their teams at a pace consistent with the team's abilities.

So if you are a recruiter looking for talented players, a talent looking for a college opportunity, or a player interested in increasing her skills for school and personal enjoyment, TAV is the place to be. In 2005, 31 players were offered scholarship opportunities from the TAV program. In 2004, 24 players were offered scholarships. Nine of our seniors already have verbal commitments for the 2006 season.

As we continue to improve our system and work with college coaches, we are making sure that what we are teaching makes our players candidates for collegiate play. Our facility has hosted over 100 college coaches watching our practices or checking on particular athletes. We are really please that scholarship opportunities have become available for every different level of our programs, from elite to both of our local programs.

If you are looking for a volleyball home, come and check us out. In March of 2004, we moved into our new spacious, 8-court facility just south of DFW airport.

Donna and I are always available to discuss our philosophies or club policies. Our personal goal is that every girl that wants to play volleyball has a place here at TAV. Regardless of their financial means or ability, we have a team for them. Talk to our coaches and staff and find out what we are all about.



This an interview with TAV President John Sample conducted by Scott White of Lonestarvolleyball.com and reprinted with his permission.

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John Sample Talks TAV

John SampleJohn Sample is president of Texas Advantage. He runs the club with his wife Donna, who serves as vice president, Becky Hughes, a director, and a host of technical directors. John talked to Lonestarvolleyball.com about the club and its emergence since it was established as Metroplex Juniors in 1985.

LSVB: How did you become involved with the club?

John: Joni McCoy, Teresa Price and Becky Hughes, I believe, started Metroplex Volleyball in the mid 80's. Generally they had five or six teams at the most and did very well for the area. Our daughter was playing and always made a team, but there were a lot of kids who just went home with no place to play club. In the mid 90's, when we made a deal to take over the club, there were only four clubs in the metroplex so a ton of kids didn't get to play. We decided to make the club bigger so more girls had the opportunity to play volleyball. Since my daughter was still playing, I stayed in the background until she graduated. We hired a couple of people to run the club, changed the name to TAV and after a year added Becky Hughes back into the mix.

LSVB: TAV was one of the first clubs to have its own facility. Now you are in your second. How did that come about?

John: When we began we were practicing in high schools and junior highs, but as we grew space became harder and harder to find. We began looking for a complex nine years ago and 8 1/2 years ago we moved into our first facility with nine courts. Volleyball really began to take off then, partly because all the girls came together in one place instead of one team in different locations. Three years ago we moved into our new home and have continued to grow.

LSVB: What were your goals when you took over the club?

John: We had several. Not to lose too much money. Have a place for anyone who wanted to play volleyball to play regardless of money, talent or experience. Find technical coaches and establish a TAV system. Become a family instead of individual teams. Grow the club to be one of the best in the country. Begin training coaches to coach in our program. Upgrade uniforms, hotels, travel and tryouts.

LSVB: Why do you believe the club has been so successful?

John: We hired great coaches, trained in a system, stuck with our program, worked with underprivileged, began training clinics and camps and provided lessons for both players and coaches. We listened to parents, other clubs, college coaches and made sure we had a volleyball plan and a business plan. We also have tried to keep our prices and costs as low as possible. And we have tried to make the club a place for kids to be.

LSVB: When you started this season, what were your goals for the club?


  1. Have at least 25 scholarships/opportunities for seniors. (27 seniors will be playing in college)
  2. Work on filming, letters and info for 17's. (Lots of 17's already have scholarships)
  3. Continue to upgrade our coaches training. (Work in progress)
  4. Qualify 11 teams for nationals. (Qualified 12 teams for JO's, sent 3 to NIT)
  5. Medal at Nationals. (TAV 16 Asics won a bronze)
  6. Qualify every age group in open. (Qualified all but 13's)
  7. Qualify a #3 team. (Qualified two 3rd teams)
  8. Help the kids grow as teammates, young ladies, and as individuals. (Continues to be an objective)
  9. Establish a fast twitch program at TAV. (Started in January)
  10. Try to break even. (Going to be close)

LSVB: Any other thoughts looking back on the season?

John: We've taken some grief about our 18's at JO's, but in regards to their season they had three goals.....1.) to be only the second 18s in 10 years to qualify outright for JOs 18 Open; 2.) Be one of the top three or foour 18s teams in Texas; 3.) Win some tournaments. (They didn't win a single tournament as 17's) They won five tournaments, went 8-1 at Big South, fifthth at Lonestar and third in Reno to qualify. They were ranked third behind Austin and Tornados, both of which they beat at Lonestar.

After Reno they decided the wanted to do graduation activities, work, go on final family vacations, go to college orientations, be an 18 year old normal girl AND practice no more than 5 hours a week. I think they really thought they could turn it back on at JOs. Due to all the activities we normally had only six or seven girls at practice and maintained the 5 hours per week. The result was what I expected - they didn't have a great JOs.

Now, is it right to let them be kids for six weeks when they are going to be spending most of their time the next four years playing volleyball, or did we need to go after it and finish in the middle at JOs? Tough question, but they pulled together when they needed to and got the job done, so we elected to let them be seniors. I hate taking grief about their finish, because they had an excellent year, but given the kids and their performance, I would probably do the same thing again.

LSVB: How can TAV continue to maintain the same level of success?

John:TAV is trying to travel a middle road, not burning the kids out, performing well and making it fun. We don't start practice until late December. Generally our teams only play one tournament in January, then we press hard February thru April. This year- round volleyball and hard training are going to take a toll and we are trying to be a great club, but still keep the kids needs in focus for the long run. Donna and I are all about the kids. Becky, LJ, Jason, Steve, Rodney, Michael and the rest of the team are equally committed. So if we continue to listen, try to do the right thing and stay tuned in to the kids, we will continue to be successful.






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